Business Insurance is The Same in Galveston as it is in the North Pole

Posted on: December 23rd, 2013

Does Santa Claus Have Business Insurance?

I was doing some thinking last week – you know, it was Black Friday – and I remembered I saw a good joke about delivery companies failing to deliver orders which were placed online. In contrast, all were amazed at how Santa is always able to go around the world in a single night and deliver tons of gifts to all children.

Funny, huh?

But do you think there is no risk in that? Santa goes through a lot of challenges to share the joy of Christmas each year… I created a mind map of what it would be like if Santa had to sign a business insurance policy. Ugh, costly, I’m telling you.

First of all, he would have to insure his sleigh. But his sleigh is nothing without his reindeer. So the sleigh and his reindeer. These cute animals are attached to Santa’s sleigh and they play the role of a car’s engine. Right? So they too need to be insured.

Then, all the gifts – what if they fall from his sledge while he’s flying above cities?

We can’t ignore the workshop where all gifts come to life… and neither can we ignore the hardworking elfs who need health insurance and the like.

Finally, there is Santa’s house, where he lives together with Mrs Claus.

Santa would have to spend a lot of money on insuring his business. But thank God Lapland has it all covered for him!

However, business insurance comes at affordable prices in Brazoria, Friendswood, Galveston, Houston, League City, Pearland, Texas Gulf Coast. If you are a business owner, you should try one of the business insurance policies. They will keep you safe from danger…

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