Condo Insurance in Galveston and Houston

Posted on: March 19th, 2014

Condo insurance and flood insurance protect your real estate and financial interests

When it comes to natural disasters floods are the number one enemy in the US and this is even truer in areas such as Brazoria, Friendswood, Galveston, Houston, League City, Pearland and the Texas Gulf Coast. Floods can happen anywhere and at any time and without proper flood insurance you are at great financial risk. People of the Texas Gulf know only too well the risk that come with severe tropical storms and prolonged rainfall. Inland resident are also aware of the risks and dangers of sudden flash floods.

Most homeowner’s policies don’t cater for flood insurance, simply because the risk is too high for the carriers. Therefore you have to get separate flood insurance and it is best to deal with people who know and understand the requirements and related details of flood insurance. Rick Tinker Insurance agency has a great deal of experience and knowledge regarding flood insurance and they serve the communities along the Gulf Coast as well as the inland Texas areas with best value property and flood insurance.

Condo insurance is a bit different to normal home insurance and is designed to protect your valuables and possessions as well as improvements that are not covered by the condo association.  Condo associations will ensure the main buildings and structures as well as communal areas. However this master policy does not cover your personal possessions or any specific custom improvements and alterations you may have made to your condo.  The condo associations master policy will also not cover you in the event of a liability claim as a result of an accident or mishap in your condo.

When you deal with an accredited agent such as Rick Tinker you know your condo insurance will cover your personal possessions, the replacement value of custom improvements, damage protection as well as liability claims.

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