Condo insurance in Clear Lake, Webster and Galveston, TX

Posted on: September 29th, 2016

Insurance covers an important portion of your property

Living in a condo is a bit different than living in a free standing home. This means your condo insurance will be a bit different to normal home insurance. That is because you live in a complex where the body corporate or home owner’s association has to take care of the main insurance that covers the buildings and structures that are part of the complex.

However, you are still responsible for the inside part of your condo or dwelling. Condo insurance will cover your fittings, fixtures, improvements and personal possessions that live inside your condo. If you have condo in Galveston, a town house in Houston or an apartment in Mansfield, then you need a specific type of home insurance which we call condo insurance.

There are different types of condominiums but the concept is basically the same. You live in an apartment that is part of a bigger complex. This could be a security complex, a high rise, a collection of town houses and so on. Often a condo will share walls with other units and will fall under the management of a home owner’s association. You can own a condo or you can rent a condo. Either way it is a good idea to have condo insurance.

Since your condo is part of a bigger building or development your insurance requirements are not as demanding as in the case of a free standing home. With condo insurance you only need to cover a portion of your apartment. Rick Tinker insurance agency can help you with best value condo insurance in Galveston, Houston or Mansfield. This means that for a small monthly fees you will be covered for liabilities as well as damage and loss that might occur inside your apartment, townhouse or flat.




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