Flood insurance in Pasadena, Webster and League City, TX

Posted on: December 31st, 2016

Protect your sweet home with the right flood insurance coverage

Your home may be situated in an area that has a high risk of water damage or may be located in a location where there is low or moderate risk. No matter the location of your home, it is always wise to purchase a flood insurance plan from a reputable company such as Rick Tinker to keep yourself protected against the financial loss which can occur from the water damage. We offer a wide range of insurance plans and in different budget range to help you choose accordingly. One of its biggest benefits is that it will protect your sweet home and your valuable possessions against loss resulting from rising water. Flood is something which may take place even during the wee hours of the night when you are fast asleep or out on a vacation. It is totally unexpected thereby leaving you helpless. It is here where our insurance plans can help. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Pasadena, TX, Webster, TX, Galveston, Houston, League City and Texas Gulf Coast.

Causes of flooding

Weather or climate can be highly unpredictable. Regardless of where you reside, to protect your home with the right coverage is highly recommended. When you join hands with us our insurance agents, will help you in choosing the best insurance protection for both you as well as your family. Some of the common causes of flood include,

  • Overflowing tides and rivers
  • Land collapse because of erosion from currents and waves
  • Mudflows
  • A quick collection of surface water
  • Prolonged and consistent rainfall
  • Failure of man-made or natural dams
  • Melting of snow
  • Cyclone
  • Others

These are some of the common causes of floods that can create havoc on your property. So to stay protected invest in the best flood insurance plan from Rick Tinker.


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