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Posted on: July 27th, 2017

Condo insurance and the body corporate

Condo Insurance is a special kind of home insurance. In some ways, it can be more complicated because there is another party involved, namely the body corporate, management company or home owner’s association.  The management company insures the main complex and structures but you are still responsible for the interior of your condo or apartment. Rick Tinker can help you with best value condo insurance in Pasadena TX, Webster TX, Galveston or Houston.

It is important know what the management company insures. It can vary from one situation to another. An agent such as Rick Tinker can find that out for you. You don’t want to insure things that the body corporate insurance already covers. At the same time, you don’t want to assume things and then be left without proper condo insurance. You should also check if you are insured for specific risks such as flood damage. All insurance policies contain exclusions and limitations and you need to know what those are and if they are important in your situation.

Normally condo insurance will cover the interior of your apartment, including personal possessions and effects. If you have made any improvements or alterations you should specify those to be sure you are adequately covered. Your apartment insurance should also cover your liabilities in the event of third party claims.

When it comes to personal items, you also need to be sure whether that includes computer equipment and items such as jewelry and artwork. Some high-value items need to be specified and insured separately.

Whether you live in a freestanding home, a condo or an apartment, you need the right insurance to protect your investment and life-style.  Condo insurance is an important part of your financial plan and risk management strategy. Rick Tinker can help you with effective insurance cover.


Houston, Pasadena TX Condo Insurance from Rick Tinker Insurance is affordable peace of mind for your condo. Contact us for condo insurance today.

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