Having windstorm insurance covers your assets

Posted on: December 4th, 2013

Windstorm Insurance Keeps Fear Blown Away

Residents of BRAZORIA, FRIENDSWOOD, GALVESTON, HOUSTON, LEAGUE CITY, PEARLAND, TEXAS GULF COAST know only well the severe damage that windstorms, hurricanes and related floods can cause. Since the 2005 hurricane season, proper windstorm insurance has become more expensive and harder to find.

Nobody knows the finer details of effective wind insurance than Rick Tinker Insurance. As independent agents we know where and how to find proper windstorm insurance that will protect the financial interests of residents of the Texas Coast in the event of a hurricane, windstorm, flood or related natural disaster.

When you live in Texas you cannot afford not to have special windstorm insurance. General homeowners insurance does not cover wind damage, or such damage could be specifically excluded. Windstorm insurance is more expensive and there are more terms and conditions to be considered. We offer alternatives to the TWIA insurance of last resort. We have the experience, connections and knowledge to offer custom tailored wind and related storm damage insurance at affordable rates and premiums.

Do not become a financial victim as a result of unexpected deductibles, no cover or inadequate coverage. If you do not have proper wind insurance and storm coverage, you could find yourself in a very serious and difficult financial situation if you suffer storm damage. Don’t risk it – let Rick Tinker insurance help.

In addition to arranging wind damage insurance that you can rely on, we also provide additional and supporting services including

  • determining the proper amount of cover
  • evaluating your current insurance portfolio
  • assistance with the acquisition of inspection certificates where needed
  • assistance with windstorm insurance certificates
  • advise about any special conditions or endorsements that need to be added you wind insurance
  • assistance with claims filing and processing

Contact us for a competitive insurance quote and a storm policy that will adequately protect your property and financial investment when that dreaded storm hits.

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