Galveston, Houston, League City Flood Insurance

Posted on: June 29th, 2017

Do you stay in the areas like Houston, Galveston or League City? If yes, then it is necessary for you to know that your home is always at risk of being flooded. Are you thinking about how you will be able to deal with the situation and save your property from the damages caused by the flood? If yes, then you must opt for flood insurance. At Rick Tinker Insurance, we meet people like you every day who are often ignorant about the benefits of having flood insurance. And that is why, finally when you care enough to have one, it is generally too late. So, before you consider having an insurance to protect your property and assets from the damage of flood, you need to know about the benefits of it.

What benefits am I talking about? Read the following points to know more.

Benefits of having Flood Insurance

  • Getting Building Coverage: During flood, your building suffers from the cruel blow of nature. It’s foundation, electric wiring, plumbing system, central air conditioning equipment, everything can get affected because of the flood. So, it is better to have it insured so that when these parts of your house get damaged, it can take care of the expenses.
  • Possession Coverage: During the flood, water gets stagnant in the property itself. As a result, it affects the assets and possessions within the house. It is natural that the stagnant water will affect clothing, furniture, electronic devices, and appliances. In such a situation, the insurance will cover all these damages.
  • Hotel Stay: Often private insurances cover the costs of hotel stay during flood. If your home is full of dark dingy water and you are forced to leave it for a while, having insurance will take care of your expenses at the hotel too.

So, now you know how having flood insurance can help you, right? So, if you are in Pearland or Texas Gulf Coast and thinking of getting flood insurance, call us at (281) 484-7158 now or visit for more details.

Galveston, Houston, League City Flood Insurance from Rick Tinker Insurance is affordable peace of mind. Contact us today for Flood Insurance.

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