Homeowners Insurance in Texas Gulf Coast, League City, Webster TX, and all the Surrounding Areas

Posted on: July 18th, 2018

Rick Tinker specializes in homeowner’s insurance and can help protect your property in Pasadena TX, Webster TX, Galveston, Houston, League City or the Texas Gulf Coast. Home insurance is one of the most important personal insurance products in your portfolio and you need to be sure it is good and proper. That is why is makes sense to deal with the professionals.  The agent you use for your home insurance is almost as important as the insurance itself. When it comes to homeowner’s insurance you want to deal with a recommended agent you can trust. Rick Tinker will provide you with insurance solutions that are good and proper. At the same time, they offer home insurance at affordable and competitive rates. 


Life is unpredictable, and some events are beyond our control. However, you can still plan for unfortunate vents and ensure your valuable assets are covered. That way you can recover from a disaster. Should your home be destroyed in a fire or some other event, it will be difficult to recover without proper homeowner’s insurance. 


Insurance has conditions, limitations and exclusions. Home insurance is no exception. It is important to know what is covered under your homeowner’s policy and what is not.  Rick Tinker will help ensure there are no risky gaps in your home insurance. Gaps could arise when certain events such as flood damage is not covered. Also if you have condo insurance there could be gaps between the body corporate’s insurance and your own condo insurance. Other gaps could relate to the amount that is covered as well as specific valuables. 


Just because you have a homeowner’s policy does not mean you have adequate coverage. Flood insurance is a good example. If you want proper home insurance in Pasadena TX, Webster TX, Galveston, Houston, League City or the Texas Gulf Coast, then you need a friend in the insurance business. Rick Tinker Agency is that friend. 

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